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UNTIL MARCH 24 (2023)


The objective of this announcement is to publish academic works (Bachelor's Thesis, Master's Thesis, Doctoral Dissertation, Monograph, Conference Proceedings, Research Material or other academic work) by Faber & Sapiens.

The objective of Faber & Sapiens is to promote the dissemination of the works of the university community in order to facilitate the students and professors of the different faculties, suitable means to edit their work, or to be able to read the latest research in their respective fields. Faber & Sapiens selects the works through public call. All published titles can be acquired by individuals, libraries, and bookstores. Works are available to readers both in electronic format and on paper from any country.


The selected works will be published both in electronic format and on paper. In the case of short works, the works will be published only in electronic format. The eBook format will be published as a PDF file protected against printing and modification.

In printed format they can be acquired through POD publication. The works that are selected will be published at Faber & Sapiens ( The authors of the selected works must cover the layout costs and legal expenses. Once selected, the authors of the works will sign an edition contract that will include the author's rights and the conditions of Faber & Sapiens. No work will be published without a signed contract.

Presentation guidelines: 

The works must be attached in Word format using the following form:


They will be written with Times New Roman font, body 12 and double spaced. The upper and lower margins should be 2.5 cm, and the left and right margins should be 3 cm. There is no minimum or maximum extension requirement. Participants must complete all required fields: name and surname, passport, mailing address of the author, email, telephone, job title, university, date of presentation, director or tutor of the work, biographical note (maximum 110 words) and summary of the work (maximum of 180 words). All submitted works must be complete versions and must not have their commercial rights compromised.

The works must be written in one of the following languages:



Works that contain images:

The images will be included in the final edition (grayscale) if they are free of rights for commercial use. Selected works that contain images that are not free of rights will be published without the images.


Works of all fields are admitted:

Engineering / Architecture
Legal and Economic Sciences
Social Sciences

Deadlines: The deadline for submission of papers ends on Friday, March 24, 2023. The acceptance will be communicated only to those selected in order to submit papers within a
period of two months from the registration of the work.

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