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The academic publishing network FABER & SAPIENS belongs to the editorial seal ÁPEIRON EDICIONES. Therefore as stated in this LEGAL NOTICE and DATA PRIVACY POLICY, ÁPEIRON EDICIONES, located in Madrid, Príncipe de Vergara, n.º 132, planta 9, informs users of this website in its propriety (henceforth known as the “Web’’ or “Website”), its terms and conditions of use, as well as privacy policy and protection of personal information for the user to determine, freely and voluntarily if they wish to provide de personal details that may be solicited.



Under article 10 of Law 34 established the 11th of July of the year 2002, by Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico (Spain), we inform users of this website of the following information:

Website owner: ÁPEIRON EDICIONES (


Location: Príncipe de Vergara, n.º 132, planta 9, 28002, Madrid (Spain)

NIF: 05936517X

Legal Representative: Alba Ramírez Guijarro

Trade name / Brand: Ápeiron Ediciones. No. 361.179.  Title issued

According to provisions established in the current Law 17/2001, of December 7, of trademarks.

E-mail for FABER & SAPIENS:



Any person accessing this Web is assumed the role of “User’’ and is committed to observing and complying with the terms and conditions hereby stated included any legal terms that may apply.

The User is expected to refrain from using this Web for fraudulent activity or any action that may damage the image, rights or interest of FABER & SAPIENS.


In the event these terms are not carried out by the user or fraudulent use is suspected, FABER & SAPIENS reserves the right to use any methods necessary to limit, suspend or end access to this website.



FABER & SAPIENS lends its services and content applying all available technical methods in order to provide such services in a satisfactory manner. FABER & SAPIENS is not responsible for acts or occurrences beyond our control that may be result in unavailability and/or technical dysfunction on the website. In the event of technical fault, FABER & SAPIENS will employ necessary actions to re-establish its services.




5.1. Responsible Handling.

The personal data obtained will be subject to handling by FABER & SAPIENS, as printers, distributors, book sellers and messenger service as needed according to the products purchased and/or contractual services provided through this website. The user will be able to provide at their discretion, personal data obtained through applications and other sections of the web and also electronic mails produced and accessed through this medium for such purposes. By submitting any personal information through any forms or electronic correspondence on this website it is implied the user accepts the terms and conditions and consents the use and handling of this information as stated in this DATA PRIVACY POLICY.


5.2. Purposes of handling personal information.


The following, states the reasons for obtaining and handling personal information:


  1. To contact the user;

  2. Address and manage inquiries, commentaries, incidences or suggestions;

  3. Manage administrative tasks;

  4. Address and manage requests received through this medium accordingly.

  5. Manage the purchase and contracting of other services;

  6. Manage the upload, download and modification of information by users on this website;

  7. Manage the distribution of information by this mean, mobile devices or other mediums used to promote and make offers, discounts and other announcements available for the acquisition of books, academic announcements, awards, new editions, book presentations and cultural events;

  8. Provide added services, improvement of our services and user friendly updates to the Web.

  9. Obtain statistics from user visits to the website and shares of the same.

  10. Manage attendance to academic announcements or literary contests through this medium;

  11. Carry out the management to ensure proper participation in the process of selecting personal content, coordinating translation collaborations, layout, design, illustration, etc.;

  12. Manage newsletter requests accordingly in the event of subscriptions.

  13. Monitoring proper web surfing through the website.


By subscribing and registering for the online store, the user thereby consents for the use of this information to be used for marketing and promotional purposes. This consent can and may be revoked at any time and at no cost to the interested party with written communication to:


5.3 Recipients of Personal Information


ÁPEIRON EDICIONES, is the recipient of the information captured along with printing companies, distribution, curriers and other service companies related with the editing of projects, book sales and distribution. The recipients of this personal information will handle such information with responsibility and exercise ethics of confidentiality according to previously established authorities.


Likewise, the user that submits information related to their C.V. is informed that their information will be handled in a timely manner by ÁPEIRON EDICIONES for the corresponding selection process through editors’ seal, Human Resource management and other collaborators. Upon submission of this information the user accepts and it is aware of the handling of their information conforms to the purpose before mentioned.


5.4 Rights of Interested Party


The interested party may exercise the right to access, rectify, delete, oppose, portability and limitation, by contacting FABER & SAPIENS by mail with a request addressed to the following: electronic mail:, or  postal address: c/ Esparteros, n.º 11, piso 2.º, puerta 32, Madrid. Each request must include a valid copy of identification, this may be a passport or other source of identification valid in law along with a statement specifying the right the user wishes to exercise.


Any interested party may revoke consent and authorization, at any later date, for the handling of their personal information, as stated in the terms previously established under the DATA PROTECTION clause at any time.


The interested party may have the right to file a complaint or claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (Agencia Española de Protección de Datos,, the user will confirm, in any case, the veracity of the information provided. FABER&SAPIENS reserve the right to refuse service to any user(s) that provide false information, without prejudice to any actions that proceed in law. The user is responsible for communicating any updates to the personal information provided.


5.5 Terms for holding personal records


The users’ personal files are held for a determined time based on the need in order to fulfill the purpose for which they are received and the legal basis for proper handling of the information.

These personal files are held as long as there is an existing contractual or commercial relationship with the user and as long as he/she does not exercise his/her right to suppress, cancel or limit the handling of his/her personal information.


In cases like these before mentioned, we keep the files properly secured, without any given use. However, these may be of use to exercise our right to defend a case or claim, or legal responsibility derived from a legal or contractual handling that was to be understood, in which case a retrieval of the personal files will be necessary.


In an effort to comply with regulations in force, FABER & SAPIENS is responsible for cancelling any information that is no longer necessary to meet the purpose or purposes for which they were retrieved, secured, and the ability to meet all possible responsibilities derived from the handling of personal information and only during the terms of subscription of said responsibilities. Once these terms pass, the information will be eliminated using secured methods.




Minors of 16 years of age and younger may not submit any personal information without the consent of a parent or guardian. FABER & SAPIENS is not responsible in any way for the personal information submitted by a minor less than 16 years of age without established authorization.


5.7 Security Measures


FABER & SAPIENS has adopted the required levels of security to protect the user’s personal information and meet regulations in force and implements other mediums and added technical measures at its reach to avoid alteration, loss, unauthorized mishandling of the data provided.


FABER & SAPIENS guarantees that it has adopted all necessary safety measures to guarantee the safety of the information and confidentiality of the data the user submits to us via internet.


For this purpose we use Stripe security technology. This method guarantees the identity of the destination computer to which your data is being sent. The SSL security is operational when you see a signal prior to payment by means of a lock icon under your bank account and billing information or through the appearance of the padlock icon on the lower edge of the majority of the browsers. If you click on this icon, the certificate associated with the security connection will appear. However, the user must be aware that security measures on the Internet are not impregnable. Likewise, FABER & SAPIENS guarantees that the data provided for the realization of bank transfers are certain and that the payments are managed for the processing of the services or products previously contracted or purchased.


5.8 Cookies


Access to this website may involve the use of cookies. Cookies are small amounts of information stored in the browser used by each user which the server remembers for later use. This information allows our server to identify you as a specific user and allows you to save your personal preferences, as well as technical information such as visits or specific pages you visit.


Those users who do not wish to receive cookies or want to be informed before they are stored on their computer, can configure their browser to that purpose.



FABER & SAPIENS guarantees that it will handle the data corresponding to the means of payment used with absolute security and confidentiality. The data of the card used for the payment is transmitted in encrypted form through the secure SSL protocol, which guarantees the secrecy in the communication through a dialogue with encryption keys.

FABER & SAPIENS, has incorporated prior verification of the payment information provided by the client early in its control processes, in order to guarantee the security of the transactions carried out through this website. FABER & SAPIENS reserves the right to refuse the purchase of books whose payment is made by using a card that is not owned, obtained fraudulently or with which it is intended to perform a fraudulent operation that may harm the interests of its owner, FABER & SAPIENS or any third party. Any requests by the state security forces and bodies must be made via email to the following address: Please note, in addition, that suppliers or issuers of the form of payment used may have other anti-fraud measures that may entail the rejection of certain types of operations. FABER & SAPIENS does not control and is not liable for damages that may be caused by the implementation of policies that may be authorized by different providers or issuers.


It is forbidden to use a form of payment owned by a third party except in the case that you have the express authorization of said third party. It is the responsibility of the buyer to show proof of such authorization and assume all damages and losses that may occur to FABER & SAPIENS.



All the contents, elements, designs and applications hosted on this website, whatever their format and characteristics, as well as all the Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights inherent to said website, are owned by FABER & SAPIENS, being protected as much by the norm of Industrial and Intellectual Property as by the rest of legislation that can be of application. Said content may not be exploited, reproduced, distributed, modified, publicly communicated, transferred, transformed, or of any other dissemination procedure, which has not been expressly and previously authorized in writing by FABER & SAPIENS. FABER & SAPIENS reserves the right to take legal actions against those who violate the ownership rights hereby referenced.




FABER & SAPIENS reserves the right to modify the present LEGAL NOTICE and DATA PRIVACY POLICY, in order to adapt legislative updates or exercise jurisprudence, as well as changes in the operation and business strategy of FABER & SAPIENS and related companies, so we recommend reading them. However, the relations established with the users, prior to the modification of this LEGAL NOTICE and DATA PRIVACY POLICY, will be governed by the rules at the moment in which the user accessed the website for its establishment.


FABER & SAPIENS provides users with adequate technical resources so that, prior to this, they may access this LEGAL NOTICE and DATA PRIVACY POLICY and Data Protection.



For the resolution of all disputes or issues related to this website or the activities developed therein, Spanish legislation will apply, to which the parties expressly submit, being competent to resolve all disputes arising or related to its use of competent Courts and Tribunals in accordance with the legislation that is applicable. In the event that any of the provisions contained in this document is declared void, it will proceed to the withdrawal or replacement of the same. In any case, said declaration of nullity will not affect the validity of the rest of the provisions included in this document.

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